Many people, brought up as they are in modern atmosphere, fall prey to several physical and psychical ailments whose cure is beyond the jurisdiction of science. Yogic culture suggests various expedients which will not allow such harmful disorders to occur in the first place and will eradicate them swiftly in case they do occur.
Aptly there goes a wise saying from India: “Nasti Yogat Param Balam” (i.e. there is no strength better than Yoga).

The ancient sages and seers who evolved the Yoga-System had no laboratories at their disposal, but from the effects it is apparent that they were aware of all the vital functions of the body. The exercises are so designed, that while building up the muscles they also strengthen the bones and affect most significantly the involuntary organs of the body such as the digestive system, the endocrine glands and the nervous system.

The exercises can prevent and cure diseases, but they are even more valuable in imparting positive health in form of increased energy and well-being, which no system of medicine can do. It is now being recognised that the mind and the body interact and influence each other. Yoga maintains that farreaching effects can be produced by the effect of the mind. This affects not only the physical health of the body but may even overflow into states which are beyond average, normal experience. This does not mean that these are miraculous or abnormal on any score. But it does mean that the true limits of “normal” are hardly realised by most people. The greater part of humanity has for generations adopted a basic level of existence and has unknowingly accepted a maimed, crippled existence as normal.
Yoga affords an opportunity for a bold departure from this limitation. However, it must be realised that dealing as they do with matters of far-reaching and vital importance, the yogic practices require the outmost precision and the care due to them. It is, therefore, essential that a capable teacher or Guru introduces the students to the exciting mysteries of Yoga to obtain maximum benefit.